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Lose yourself in the moment

Phantom Peak offers an immersive experience that goes beyond just watching a show. Our location in Canada Water is exclusive and attracts hundreds of adventure lovers who get to explore custom-built worlds filled with new storylines that are sure to dazzle. With the help of our Jonassist app, you can fully immerse yourself in the adventure and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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Join the adventure

Secure your ticket and get ready for a journey like no other. With our immersive experience, you become part of the Phantom Peak story, unlocking the mysteries of a strange mining town looked over by the enigmatic and eye-wateringly handsome Founder, Jonas. Meet a cast of townsfolk as they navigate the (mostly-all-totally-fine) JONACO takeover, and the seasonal challenges that brings. Each season, complete new quests using our Jonassist web-app and JONACO's impressive town technology for a collectible trail card. 

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Who done it?

During the show, you'll uncover secrets hidden within the mines, discover the motives of the charismatic founder of JONACO, and unravel the truth behind the mysterious occurrences that plague the town. Each season brand new story trails are added, adding to the rich tapestry of Phantom Peak history, helping you to become truly lost in the moment as you explore a huge steampunk town with new additions and special events each season!

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Theatre made epic

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime at Phantom Peak. Over four and a half hours, you'll be totally immersed in a full-scale set complete with canals, mazes, mad laboratories, saloon bars and much more. There's even a waterfall and a lake which you can fish for platypus in (the town animal). Think of it like entering a real-life video game in which YOU are the main character!

At Phantom Peak, the more you participate, the more you get out of the show, so get dressed up and get stuck in as you experience a world that will keep you coming back for more!

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