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What is Phantom Peak?

Phantom Peak is a unique immersive open-world adventure - a fully realised town inhabited by quirky characters and full to the brim with mysteries and stories to discover. Spend 4+ hours exploring the town, enjoying food and drink in our wild-west themed Thirsty Frontier Saloon, and interacting with immersive sets, technology, and live actors.

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How does it work?

Using your phone and the Jonassist website, you’ll be guided through unique storylines in the form of trails - quests where you, a tourist, are tasked with helping townsfolk in exciting ways. You’ll interact with technology including Jonavision, Jonagraph, and new for Spring 2024: Klacky! Speak to the townsfolk, get to know them, and obtain the information you need to progress in the trail.

Sounds great! Let's go!

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Jonavision, Jonagraph... what does it all mean?

Phantom Peak is a town run by Jonaco, a mysterious company headed by the ever-present and wonderful Jonas. Every few months, a new season begins, with new trails, new stories, and the next chapter of Phantom Peak’s evolving story. 

Take me to Jonas!

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What's the story so far?

Until recently, this was a small mining town with a local company, Miramine, mining something called Diamant.

But recently, Jonas saved the town from disaster and everybody now lives in harmony - or so Jonaco wants you to believe. Whether you’re helping Mayor Pocket fix their latest political scandal, or investigating paranormal activity with Spectre, there’s always more than meets the eye.

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Summer 7

And is there more to do?

You’ll interact with live actors, video content, interactive technology, and clues hidden around the immersive sets to discover the answers you seek. This experience last for four hours, or an extra 30 minutes at weekends! So what happens when you need a break? Enjoy great food and drink, cocktails, and even afternoon tea in the themed spaces.

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