The Team

The faces of our townsfolk may change! However, these are the faces we're most familiar with.

  1. Jonas Icon


    He needs no introduction. Not strictly part of the town, Jonas is the head of JONACO, the company that effectively runs Phantom Peak. Also known as 'The Sun Daddy'. Jonas is a great inventor, and impressed in his youth with the creation of the axiomatic clock. Watch your step, Jonas is always watching. Found... everywhere. It's Jonas.

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    Mayor Pocket

    The Mayor of Phantom Peak, a lover of democracy and keen people pleaser. They try their best, but despite being a high rank (Level 4), every member of the town thinks incredibly little of them. Found in the Jonaco Site Office.

  3. DSC7027

    Dr. Winter

    A definitively evil person. Before JONACO took over, they were the #2 scientist at Miramine. They were held back by their boss and ethical boundaries. JONACO has given the freedom they’ve always wanted. Found in Jonalabs.

  4. Previewdayemily 5


    JONACO’s VP of Marketing and back in Phantom Peak for the first time since tourists began arriving. They are nervous, but dedicated to their job. Always trying to impress their boss, Mr Kim, and fix the problems in Phantom Peak. Found in The Summerhouse.

  5. 0000 0000 00000000(62)


    Status is everything. They started their career at Miramine and crawled up through cronyism, networking and sucking up to the high ranks at JONACO. They have a troubled relationship with others in town, craving respect due to their proximity to Jonas. Found in the Jonagraph Centre.

  6. 172 Alistair Veryard Photography Phantom P Shoot D 2023 B92A1345 CR3


    Emotionally weak and a simple post-person. In return for supporting the JONACO takeover, Jonas promised they’d be the most powerful and respected postal worker in Phantom Peak. Technically, that’s now the case, even if they are the lowest ranked member of town. Found in the Jonapost.

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    Trying to make an honest living as a tour guide, but they always have another money making scheme up their sleeve. Originally a Quarry Manager for Miramine (and good at it), they aren’t quite sure what happened with JONACO. Found at Phantom Tours in the Old Town.

  8. 0000 0000 00000000(100)


    Hard on their luck investigator who got caught up hunting ghosts, ghouls and paranormal activities. Their mentor and partner Vox is a no-nonsense medium that knows the paranormal very well. She’s away right now, so Spectre will have to do. Found in Spectre & Vox Paranormal Investigators.

  9. DSC7118 (1)


    Keen filmmaker and cultural influencer, says Hogwood. Their beloved picture house was destroyed by the blimp crash and is now rebuilt. They have a troubled and complex relationship with JONACO. Found in the Picture House.

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    Their family founded Miramine, the company that dominated in Phantom Deeps before JONACO came along. They struggle to realise that their old life of privilege is gone forever. Kind-hearted, but with a desire to return to their old ways. Found in the New Town General Store.

  11. 152 Alistair Veryard Photography Phantom P Shoot C 2023 B92A3448 CR3


    Wonderfully morbid and preferring ghosts and corpses to the living. There will always be bodies to bury, so who cares what happens around them? Although Halloway can sometimes be pushed to champion against injustice. Found in the Old Town Undertakers.

  12. 697 Alistair Veryard Photography Phantom P Shoot C B92A5851 CR3


    Youthful, playful, chaotic, energetic and… well, very dumb. They’re a teenage rebel with the best of intentions. They cause mischief and mayhem wherever they go, but always for a ‘good’ reason. Found by the Carnival Games.

  13. 279 Alistair Veryard Photograhy Sampo New 2024 253A1804 CR3


    The official Health and Safety Officer of Phantom Peaks, in charge of JONACO’s operations in Mining and Metaphysics. A safe pair of hands. They take their job very seriously. Found around town, and runs events such as Platyhooks!

  14. 576 Alistair Veryard Photography Phantom P Shoot C B92A5240 CR3


    The only living true believer in the ancient religion of Phantom Deeps, The Church Of The Cosmic Platypus. We thought Pius perished in the blimp crash. However, they claim they survived because of their devotion, but we suspect it was a huge amount of Diamant fungus that saved them. Found in the Old Town church.

There's more to the town than the townsfolk. Phantom Peak is presented by The League of Adventure, working in close partnership with Tandem Set & Scenery.

  1. Nick Moran

    Creative Director & Founder

  2. Glen Hughes

    Set Designer & Founder

  3. Kipp Kjeldgaard

    Chief Operating Officer

For Phantom Peak

  1. Jonathan Taylor

    Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

  2. Kate Johnson

    Senior Production & Business Development Manager

  3. Tatiana Vetturini

    Operations and Venue Manager

  4. Elena Santirini

    F&B Manager

  5. Jeffrey Mitchell

    Stage Manager

  6. Andrea Pacheco

    Costume Manager

  7. Daniel Pirie

    Cast Lead

  8. Emily Welfare

    Marketing Assistant

  9. Paul Farrer

    Customer Service

  10. Mance Communications

    PR & Communications

  11. Tom Sawyer Effect

    Social Media

  12. Semantic


  13. Ticketmaster

    Ticketing Partner

For Tandem Set & Scenery

  1. Jordan Oliver

    Set Designer & Production Manager

  2. Eleanor Robson

    Set Designer & Production Manager

  3. Chad Griffiths

    Technical Manager

  4. Jack Payne-Johns

    Set Designer

  5. Leah Morgan

    Set Designer

  6. Abi Kitchenham

    Payroll, HR & Admin

  7. Henrique Lazaro

    Programming & Digital Game Development

  8. Danny Romeo

    Experience Director & Writer

  9. Tibet Boyer

    Game Designer & Writer

  10. Louis Barton

    Programming & Digital Game Development

  11. Gareth Owens

    Game Designer & Writer

  12. Amber Butler

    Head Scenic Artist

  13. Aaron Holliday

    Head Sculptor

  14. Meg McHugh

    Scenic Artist, Props & 3D Fabrication

  15. Dom Sporle

    Lead Carpenter

  16. Dave Yems


  17. Pete Bell


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