Summer 1

Summer Season 24

Summer at the Peak: Starlit Summer

Summer 6

10 Groundbreaking Trails

This season promises an exciting new storyline which will explore JONACO’s latest schemes, characters’ colorful history, and the future of the Town’s shared aspirations!

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Summer 7

Phantom Peak’s Best Time of Year

The town of Phantom Peak thrives in the summer, with sundrenched canals and starry lakeside evenings! See Phantom Peak in the best light!

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The Cabin Games

For the first time ever, Phantom Peak will host an audience-wide competition! Compete in camp activities, uncover secrets, and impress the townsfolk to gain points and support your cabin!

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The Summer Olympics

experience the evolution of last season’s smash hit event, the innovation games! With harder puzzles, higher stakes, and bigger thrills, the Summer Olympics will delight audiences of all ages!

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