Spring Season 24

Spring at the Peak: The Festival of Innovation

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10 new story trails!

This spring, flowers aren’t the only things blooming in Phantom Peak! The frost of Wintermas has melted away and a low hum of excitement hovers in the air as the town celebrates it's very first Festival of Innovation! 

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Seasonal addition - The Festival of Innovation

JONACO has announced The Festival of Innovation, a showcase and competition for townsfolk to display their ingenuity and create marvellous machines to create a better world for human (and platypus) -kind! The festival has inspired even the most outdated of organisations to step forward into the technological era, with surprising entries that could cause scandal! 

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Spring food and drink

Quench your adventurous appetites with a selection of themed cocktails and menu additions! Expect fresh flavour combinations, fizzingly fabulous floral innovations and in-world treats!  

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New tech: Klacky!

Surf the digital highways with our brand new “helpful” interface, Klacky.

Klacky loves to do everything Klacky can to assist tourists! Go ahead, press Klacky’s buttons..

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