Meet the Townsfolk

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    Mayor Pocket: David Carter

    There’s no way of saying this nicely, Pocket is a loser. Just a complete and total loser. Pocket has spent their entire life riding on the coat-tails of others, and Jonas is no different. Pocket is basically a human hinge: which ever way the wind blows, so Pocket goes. As newly elected Mayor of Phantom Peak, Pocket is not only Jonas’s lapdog, they also have no respect in the town at all. Despite being technically high rank (Level 4), every member of the town thinks incredibly little of them.

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    Dr. Winter: Daniel Pirie

    Winter is arguably the only definitively evil person in the entirety of Phantom Peak. At Miramine, they were the #2 scientist, but were held back by their boss and generalised ethical boundaries. Unfortunately whilst Miramine were not “good guys” by any means, they didn’t really approve of directly experimenting on people. Thankfully, JONACO has no such qualms. To Winter, life is a great game - and the stakes are unbelievably low. Phantom Peak is the greatest playground there is!

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    Pius: Tibet Boyer

    Pius is devoutness personified, the only living true believer in the ancient religion of Phantom Deeps, The Church Of The Cosmic Platypus, a largely forgotten, pagan religion, seen as an old cult. Everyone believed that Pius perished in the blimp crash. However, by some miracle they survived, alone for literally months. They claim they survived because of their devotion... but more accurately they survived on a huge amount of Diamant fungus. This has left them with an… odd, faraway look in their eyes.

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    Cogwright: Jordan McMahon

    Cogwright was a technician at Miramine, which their whole family have worked at ever since it was founded by Datchery senior. They are nerdy, love tech and admire Jonas' Innovations. Cogwright comes from a long line of tinkerers and technicians, though they are undoubtedly the weakest link in the chain. Yes, Cogwright is smart - but they sometimes don’t quite realise they’re not as good as others. They have much more empathy for robots than people and are a supporter of the Digital Romantics Movement.

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    Perigate: Eleanor Sturt

    Perigate only cares about one thing: status. Started their career at Miramine, they crawled up the ladder through cronyism, networking and sycophancy to the high ranks at JONACO. Think about Perigate as the person second in command to the bully. They crave respect, which they have, but it’s borrowed respect: leant to them by their proximity to Jonas and JONACO. There is nothing innately valuable about Perigate. They are just the barnacle on the side of the ship.

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    Littlefield: Jay Woods

    An emotionally weak and simple post-person, Littlefield wants nothing more than to be respected by peers but has no understanding of how to get there. For their support of the JONACO takeover, Jonas promised that Littlefield would be the most powerful and respected postal worker in Phantom Peak. This has technically been achieved. They are now the only post person in Phantom Peak, and are the lowest ranked person in the entire town. This is a sore spot for them - it must be a computational error.

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    Rexford: Dimitris Kafataris

    Rexford was a run-of-the-mill Phantom Deeps miner before all this changed. A true materialist, they only ever focused on what was in front of them. The politics, the chaos around miramine and JONACO - it all passed them by. It’s a difficult world to be Ol’ Rexford in. Trying to make an honest living as a tour guide in Phantom Peaks, they always have another money making scheme up their sleeve, which unfortunately, never works. Sadly, Rexford is often a straight arrow in a world where everything is crooked.

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    Hogwood: Annalena Lipinski

    On the surface, Hogwood is just the Phantom Peak Picture house operator. But Hogwood thinks of themselves as so much more than that: they thinks of themselves as an artist, an aesthete. A cultural influencer. An appreciator and curator of the best art has to offer.

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    Datchery: Tatianna Nicholle Davis

    Datchery’s family founded Miramine, the old company that used to effectively rule Phantom Deeps. They had a life of supreme privilege, completely detached from the everyday trials and tribulations of the miners who worked below their father.

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    Halloway: Matt Colyer

    Halloway, The Phantom Deeps Undertaker, is a constant in an endlessly varying world: a rock in the fast-flowing waters of Phantom Peak.

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    Sparks: Caoimhe Dalton

    Sparks has the mind of a teenage revolutionary. They want more of everything: more excitement, more influence, more thrills.

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    Leadbelly: Will Batty

    Leadbelly was the carnival host for wheel of misfortune, a cruel irony because misfortune was the one thing they constantly failed to avoid in their previous role in Phantom Deeps. In Phantom Deeps they worked for Miramine, the now defunct mining company that effectively ruled Phantom Deeps. Now promoted to Health and Safety Officer once again Leadbelly is in charge of Jonaco’s operations in Mining and Metaphysics.

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    Spectre: Archie Steele

    Spectre is a hard on their luck investigator, tinkerer and busy-body who got caught up in hunting ghosts, ghouls and paranormal activities with the help of their mentor and partner Vox, a no-nonsense medium that knows the paranormal like the back of her hand - she’s away sadly so we’ll have to deal with Spectre.

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