The Experience


What can I expect from Phantom Peak?


Phantom Peak is a glorious, steampunk wonderland - often referred to as “The Venice Of The West.” When you step into Phantom Peak, it will feel as though you are stepping through time into a canyon straight out of The Old West. There’s a breathtaking waterfall, haunted ruins, and, most importantly, The Waterway: a large-scale canal that snakes through Main Street. This thoroughfare is a vibrant destination thronging with shops, eateries and entertainment, Phantom Peak-style.


Where is the experience located?


The event will take place at: Phantom Peak, Canada Street, Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 7PJ


Does the experience take place in an indoor or outdoor venue?


The experience takes place both indoors and outdoors. The external aspects of the venue are covered to protect our guests from the elements. If the weather gets too much, guests can head indoors to explore more of the secrets the town has to offer.


How long does the experience last?


Your Ticket grants you access to Phantom Peak for the entire length of the show - which lasts between 4 and  4.5 hours depending on the show chosen. Guests have the freedom to explore, investigate and play for the duration of the show and are free to leave at any time.


Are we allowed to wear costumes to the show?


We love tourists who want to show off their fancy dress to the residents of the town. We do ask though that all costumes are family friendly and no  weapons (real or fake) are allowed on site. If weapons are brought to the venue they will be confiscated on entry and returned at the end of the show or dealt with appropriately.


Is it COVID secure and safe?


The experience is designed to be COVID safe and will follow all guidelines in effect at the time.


What accessibility options do we have at Phantom Peak?


Phantom Peak allows for persons of all abilities to explore and experience the wonders within. We allow service animals to attend site if our guests notify us beforehand. We do recommend groups of mixed abilities attend, however, to ensure an optimum experience. 


Do you offer tickets for Carers?


We offer one Complimentary Companion ticket per guest with accessible requirements (proof of disability required on entry). If anyone in your party has any access requirements that we should be aware of, to ensure your comfort and enjoyment, please email - contact@phantompeak.com after you have completed your booking. Click here to access Companion tickets (valid only with the purchase of a full priced ticket).


Will there be strobe lights?


There are currently no strobe or strenuous flashing lights used in Phantom Peak. If an event were to use flashing lights guests will be given warning prior to entry, via; Ticket information, email, signage or by a member of the on site crew.


Will food and beverage be available on site for purchase?


Phantom Peak has a number of Food and beverage options from light bites and a soft drink, to a hot meal and a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Guests are free to purchase food from any of our Phantom Peak vendors


Can I take photos or record the experience?


Feel free to take photos and share them. When taking photos, please make sure not to disturb other customers. Professional equipment and tripods are not permitted.


Are there chairs available? Can I be seated during the experience/exhibition?


There are a number of places for guests to sneak a quiet moment and take a pew. Our favourite spot to take the weight off is by the lake, where you can find a number of seats and enjoy the beauty of Phantom Peaks waterfall and waterways.


Will restrooms be available on site?


Yes, there are toilets located in Phantom Peak.


Access to the event


Do I need to wear a mask?


This is dependent on the current government regulations. As there are currently no restrictions in place guests are not required to wear face masks but are welcome to if they prefer


Do I need to arrive at the start of my scheduled session?


It is recommended that you arrive at the time stated on your ticket, but you are free to arrive anytime after the  shows start time. If you do not turn up at the ticketed time you will miss out on the Opening Ceremony, so again we would strongly recommend turning up on time.


What happens if I arrive late?


You’ll miss some of the shows and events around town. You may also run the risk of missing out on some of the larger scale experiences available on site.


Can I bring animals?


Due to the town's growing platypus population, we are unfortunately only able to grant access to registered or validated Service dogs.


Are service dogs allowed?


Yes, however we do ask that guests who need to bring a service dog with them to contact us prior to their event date to allow us to assign one of our wonderful in-world crew to be of assistance where needed.


Is there an age requirement?


Phantom Peak is for people of all ages to explore and enjoy. We do ask that any under 16’s be accompanied by an adult. Phantom Peak will have daytime shows on a Saturday and Sunday (12:00 - 16:30), which will be more appropriate for families with younger children. We will also have daytime shows throughout the holidays and half term.


Is the venue ADA compliant?


We have strived to make all reasonable adjustments to allow for accessibility at our venue and throughout all our experiences.


Is there parking available?


There is no car parking on site nor is there any suitable car parking options within the local area. We strongly advise guests to find alternative means and utilise the incredible public transport options available.

The Canada Water underground station is less than 300 metres from the venue. Bike racks are available on site for those cycling to the event.


What if the weather is bad?


The experience takes place both indoors and outdoors. The external aspects of the venue are covered to protect our guests from the elements. If the weather gets too much, guests can head indoors to explore more of the secrest the town has to offer.


What are the prohibited items at the experience?


Guests are asked not to bring their own Food and beverages into the venue. Any Alcohol not purchased on site will be confiscated. Any drug or related items will be confiscated and the police will be contacted immediately. No weapons real or fake are allowed onsite and will be confiscated on entry to the venue and dealt with appropriately.


Are wheelchairs available to rent?


Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service but guests are welcome to bring their own if needed for the duration of the experience.



Can I purchase a ticket at the event?


Tickets can be purchased at the event if there is the capacity. However, we do encourage guests to pre-book through Universe (A Ticketmaster Company) or the Phantom Peak website to avoid disappointment.


Where can I get tickets?


Tickets are available via Universe (A Ticketmaster Company) or the Phantom Peak website,  a link to the purchasing platform can be found on our home page. 



Are refunds allowed? What is the exchange policy?


Tickets are non refundable. Tickets bought for a season must be used within that season, you cannot carry a ticket over to another season. If you have to move a ticket to a new date, you have until 7 days before the event to change date and time. If under special circumstances you can not make the show, you must notify customer service team 24 hours before the show start time for a solution to be confirmed at contact@phantompeak.com.


Do we offer carer tickets for free?


Yes, we are willing to honour a single complimentary carer ticket with the purchase of a full priced ticket for an individual in need of a registered carer. Please email contact@phantompeak.com to let us know the dates you have booked.


Do I need to print my ticket?


No, your ticket will be sent to you via your email through the Universe ticketing platform or will be able to be viewed through the Ticketmaster app which will then be verified by our team onsite. 


Can I transfer my tickets to another person?


Yes you can transfer your tickets to anyone for free via the Ticketmaster app, if you do have any problems doing this please email contact@phantompeak.com for additional help. Make sure to include your ticket order number.


Can I reschedule my tickets to another date/time, or upgrade/downgrade my ticket?


We may be able to help reschedule or exchange your ticket for another date, time or ticket type that has not already sold out, up to a week before your show time. Please contact us for more information. Make sure to include your ticket order number.


Who are the official sellers for this experience?


Official tickets for Phantom Peak can only be purchased on Universe - A Ticketmaster Company. Tickets are not available on any other website or ticketing platform. 


Gift vouchers can be purchased here.


I have a gift Voucher or a Season Pass, how do I book my visit to Phantom Peak?


If you have either of the above you should have been issued a code that you can use to book through our ticketing partner Universe. As a season pass member you also have codes which enable you to book discounted friends and family tickets and Junior tickets. If you have any issues please contact us at contact@phantompeak.com and our customer service team will be happy to help you.


Can I make a Group Booking?


For groups of more than 30 people, please contact us to schedule your visit.


I can't find my ticket. What can I do?


You should be able to find your ticket via an email from Universe - A Ticketmaster company,  or through the Ticketmaster app under “My Events” which can be downloaded from google play or the apple store. If you still can’t find your ticket please email contact@phantompeak.com for extra support and our customer service team will be happy to help you.





Do you offer partnership or media opportunities?


For partnerships or media enquiries please email contact@phantompeak.com


Phantom Peak

Canada Street | Surrey Quays Road

London | SE16 7PJ


Nearest tube: Canada Water (Jubilee & Overground)



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