Phantom Peak Map



1. Phantom Peak (The New Town)


As you step into town, you’ll pass through the Blimp Gardens, a respectful memorial to those lost in the unfortunate incident. Enjoy the tranquility of nature and witness the ineffable brilliance of Jonas, the founder, director and general doyen of JONACO.


2. Canal Street


Phantom Peak’s main street. Businesses thrive on both sides, separated by the beautiful canal coursing through the middle.


3. The General Store


The place to buy canned foods and souvenirs. You could also trade in some local gossip with the store owner…


4. JonaPost


The main post office of Phantom Peak. Here you can pick up physical mail as well as newfangled “electric letters”, provided you have the right mail code.


5. “Phantom Peaks” Hat Store


Just your ordinary hat shop—but some say the Miramine Union has ties to this place…


6. The Aptitude & Assessment Centre


Here you can find out what your job and rank would be in Phantom Peak if you were lucky enough to have Jonas invite you to be a resident.


7. Robodoc: The Doctor of Tomorrow


Robodoc is a robotic doctor designed as a replacement for the missing Dr. Furbish. Always cheery and upbeat, it will diagnose all your digital ailments (and suggest a patented JONACO medicine as the cure, of course).


8. Carnival Games


Step right up! Here you’ll find three games: Wheel of Misfortune, Feed the Mayor, and Memoration Game. If you win, you’ll get a Rosette—keep it close, as it may come in handy!


9. The Jonagraph


A fantastic new way to send and receive information from across the globe, courtesy of JONACO! Here you can drop someone a message to see what’s happening in Apparition Hills, Ghost Valley, or the general Phantom Ridge area.


10. Madam Mechanica, Fortune Teller


Madam Mechanica’s House of Mystery is home to the robotic fortune teller, Madam Mechanica. She’s a scary lady—well, a scary robot.


11. JONACO Regional Headquarters


Here you’ll find the Museum of Phantom Peak as well as Phantom Peak Radio, where one of the various JonaBots plays tunes for the populace as they go about their day.


12. Phantom Pies


Have one of the best pies in the West!

13. Munchies Fine Foods


Enjoy irresistible Latin American-inspired tacos and burritos.


14. Burghies House of Buns


A fine selection of tasty burgers, hot dogs and other delights.


15. The Phantom Peak Picture House


Here you can watch a variety of JONACO movies, from comedies to dramas. They’re all certified JONACO originals!


16. Hackney Gelato


Having some of Hackney Gelato’s delicious ice cream is a must during your stay in Phantom Peak!


17. Diamant Hollows


Named after the local quartz that funded the town’s economy, Diamant Hollows is a lazy river boat ride built and run by JONACO. Cruise into the depths of Phantom Peak and learn more about the town’s most prized resource!


18. Gilded Lake


The beautiful nexus of Phantom Peak. Here water cascades down Phantom Springs as the Summerhouse looks on.


19. Phantom Springs


A lovely natural vista. Enjoy the sight of the water coursing through the mountain and spilling into Gilded Lake.


20. The Summerhouse


This is the HQ for the upcoming election and doubles up as a tearoom. If you fancy an upmarket gin or a spot of tea overlooking the lake, this is the place for you.


21. Phantom Deeps (The Old Town)


This area is the old town of Phantom Deeps, now abandoned by most residents.


22. The Bank of Phantom Deeps


Once the local bank, this is effectively now the archive for Phantom Deeps—a repository for all that’s been lost.


23. The Thirsty Frontier Saloon & Theatre


What was once the primary watering hole of Phantom Deeps is now a hotbed of illicit activity. If you’re looking to find trouble, then this is the place to be.


24. Blimp Wreckage


The site of the Blimp Crash. A giant, 18m (!) smouldering blimp wreckage blocks off access to the rest of the destroyed Old Town. It’s a tremendous sight to behold.


25. Lavatory Facilities


For all your bathroom needs.